TWAS is committed to care for dogs and cats in Belgium. We take in animals that no longer have a home and look for a new suitable forever home. This can be for various reasons, for example the death of an owner, an allergy of a family member or unwanted and dumped puppies and kittens.

At TWAS we only work with stable and experienced foster families. Our foster families are passionate about their volunteer work and love to take care of the animals. As soon as a dog or cat is placed in a foster family, they are observed as closely as possible. Thanks to this observation, we know what an animal needs and we can look for a suitable forever home in Belgium or the Netherlands. The screening of new adoptees also plays a major role. Through this screening we can determine whether there is a good match. The interest and welfare of the animal is of course key.

When you adopt a dog or cat via TWAS, an adoption agreement need to be signed.

In addition to taking care of dogs and cats in Belgium, TWAS is also committed to foreign shelters. They are always in need of extra support.
Because we believe it is important that the problem is solved in the country of origin, we mainly focus on projects to solve the problems there. With these projects you can think of: Castration, collection of goods, education, safe housing. Incidentally, we may offer a dog from the Netherlands, Spain or Romania for adoption. The dog will then go directly to the new owner.

In addition to the possibility to adopt a dog or cat via TWAS, we also provide educational lessons at primary schools in Belgium. In these lessons, children learn,for example, why adoption is so important and how to properly handle dogs. Would you also like to receive an educational lesson at your school? Please contact: info@twas-animalrescue.be and ask about the possibilities.