Please do not take the kittens away immediately!

It is very important that you make sure that no mother cat is around! It is possible that the mother cat is looking for food, she always stays near her nest and never stays away for more than 2 hours,

So don’t just bring a litter of baby kittens.

If the kittens feel warm and are they sleeping comfortably. Do they have full round bellies and if they don’t squeeck loudly, then there is a good chance that their mother is nearby.

If the mother is nearby, leave the nest alone, because they still need their mother too much!! We can never take the place of a mother cat: her milk, her love and warmth are irreplaceable and are not worth our best care. Do warn the nearest organization / animal shelter that deals with the care of young kittens.

Take a picture of the place where the kittens are lying, and describe this place as clearly as possible, so that we or another organization can place a catch cage here for the mother cat. Mom and kittens can go to the shelter together! Don’t keep looking, because then there is a good chance that the mother cat will move the little ones.

When to transport kittens⁉️
° Are the kittens cold, wet, pus on the eyes and very restless, do they squeak loudly?
Then contact TWAS Animal Rescue or another animal shelter in your area as soon as possible.
° Try to estimate how old the kittens are.
Compare the kittens with the description.
-A kitten weighs about 100 grams at birth and gains about 100 grams per week.
-The umbilical cord falls off around the 5th day.
-Kittens’ eyes open between 7 and 15 days.
-Around the second week the teeth come through.
-The ears will stand upright from the third week. A kitten is born with blue eyes, which start to change color between 4 and 5 weeks.
-6 to 7 weeks: Eyes are completely discolored and are now eating independently
It is very important that the kittens are placed in a foster family that can provide appropriate care. Caring for a 1 week old or 6/7 week old kitten are very different! These families are always affiliated with a recognized asylum.
It is also legally required to transfer found animals within 4 days to a shelter of the municipality where the kittens were found. With kittens it is important to bring them in immediately. They are so fragile and vulnerable and without proper care they can die soon.
It is important to keep the kittens warm. A hypothermic kitten should never be placed directly under the infrared lamp. They must be warmed up gradually, otherwise there will unfortunately be other consequences.
It is best to hold them against your bare chest or in a blanket. Do you have a snugglesafe or jug you can use it. Be careful with jugs that the hot water cannot escape. Go as soon as possible to a recognized shelter in the area.
‼️NEVER give a cat regular milk‼️
Cats are lactose intolerant and cannot tolerate regular milk.
(Of course we can keep you informed about the status of the kittens/mum you have found. Would you like to adopt kittens you have found? Let us know and we will inform you when they can be adopted. All cats are sterilized, dewormed/fleaed several times, vaccinated and also receive the first compulsory leucosis vaccine. They also receive a chip that we also register in your name)