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Disclaimer: These dogs and cats that are mediated by TWAS have a (more or less intense) past, so they can have physical defects due to, for example, less good nutrition at a younger age, lack of medical care or due to neglect and / or abuse.
We assume that as an adopter you can decide for yourself whether you are financially sufficient to pay any medical costs in the future or to take out pet insurance after adoption. We do our utmost to offer our dogs and cats for adoption as well as possible and if there are any known medical problems, they will certainly be reported.

TWAS Animal Rescue is not responsible for post-adoption expenses. Cats from 6 months old are always tested for AIDS and leucosis upon arrival.

Keep in mind that the incubation period is half a year. It is therefore recommended to repeat the test after 6 months to be sure. (If you leave the cat outside, there is of course also a chance of being infected)

De honden en katten zijn allen ontwormd, geënt volgens ouderdom, gechipt, en in bezit van Europees paspoort. Alle katten die ter adoptie aangeboden worden zullen ook gecastreerd/gesteriliseerd zijn.
The dogs and cats are all dewormed, vaccinated according to age, chipped, and in possession of a European passport. All cats offered for adoption will also be neutered/spayed.