Giving up a pet

Giving up a pet is never easy. We help you through the whole process, so it’s more bearable for you and your pet. As of 01/12/2022, we request a fixed contribution. Because taking care of and sheltering an animal costs a lot of money, and we cannot do this for free. Do you need to give up your pet for financial reasons? Then we will look at the possibilities together.

Animal found

If you have found a dog or cat, you are legally obliged to hand it over to the local authorities of the place where you found the animal or to your place of residence within four days.
Of course, we recommend bringing the animal to the police or shelter of the place where you found it so that there is a much greater chance of finding the owner of the animal.
Perhaps the owners are looking for their pet and have reported the loss to the police or to us.

Giving up a pet

For a cat

Fixed contribution Adult cat: 25€
7 years and older: 45€

Litter kittens for free (mother is sterilized by our vets to prevent future litters)

For a dog:

  • Fixed contribution Adult dog: 65€ 8years and older: 100€
  • Litter puppies for free (mother is sterilized by our vets to prevent future litters)

You can transfer this amount in advance or you can pay it in cash at the shelter. You will receive a proof of payment. You must bring the animal to the shelter yourself. (If you are unable to come yourself due to circumstances, you can always rely on our transport service, by appointment only).

Do you use our transport service? Then we charge a minimum fee of 25 euros.

Always take the passport of the animal with you, proof of chip registration (Safe number) (Possibly pedigree and owner change form and your own identity card / passport.


If you would like to donate your dog or cat, please fill in the form below. Please note, because we only work with foster families, we have limited space to receive your animal. This may mean that we cannot take care of your animal immediately. However, we can already see which foster family would suit your animal best.

At the moment we can only take in small dogs, adult cats, kittens and puppies (Pups of large breeds possible up to an age of 6 months)

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