I want to adopt a pet

Are you interested in one of our dogs or cats on the adoption page?
Then you can apply for adoption via the online application form.
Once the application form has been completed, we can already get a first impression of your home situation. The form will be forwarded to one of our employees. He/she will then contact you as soon as possible for further screening.

Adoption Information

The screening

Every dog or cat is different and therefore has different needs. For example, about family composition, other pets or living environment. Our employee may ask you a few other questions, in addition to the application form. If you both agree that the dog/cat and your family fit together, an appointment with the foster family can be arranged where the dog/cat is staying.

A home visit can also take place before hand Dogs/cats that have just arrived in the foster family must stay in the foster family for at least a week before they can be placed. This is to give the dog/cat the chance to acclimatize to its new situation and for the foster family to get a good picture of the dog/cat.

Meet and Greet

You will be able to meet the dog or cat at the foster family in the house. The foster family will also have questions for you, because they know best how the dog/cat reacts and what it needs. They will also be able to observe how the dog/cat reacts to you, because it has to 'click' on both sides! During the introduction, the candidate adopter will also be given the opportunity to take the dog for a walk. It depends on the behavior of the dog whether a foster parent comes along or not. If the foster parent does not come along, the prospective adopter will be asked to leave proof of identity in the foster family's premises.

Final choice

Since we want to be sure that the decision has been well thought through, we ask the prospective adopters to think for a while before making their final choice. Our employee or foster family may also have doubts and first has the opportunity to discuss this with our manager. We expect your decision after 1 to 2 days. If the adoption goes ahead, you can make an appointment with the foster family when the dog/cat can be picked up.

The adoption

When the dog or cat is adopted, the adoption agreement is signed and the amount is settled. You will receive a proof of payment for this. We will arrange the chip registration.

After adoption care

We ask that you keep us informed about the well-being of our dogs and cats. We are always interested in everything you experience together and of course in the development of the dog or cat. The employees of the V.Z.W. see it as part of their responsibility to help the adoptees wherever they can in guiding your dog or cat into a social, stable pet. Photos are also greatly appreciated. News and photos of the placed dogs and cats are often posted on our Facebook page: De gouden mandjes van TWAS The 'rescuers' (and former owners) in the country of origin also find the news of adopters an encouragement to continue working. They face horrific situations every day and need the good news to find courage to continue fighting. After adoption you will receive a welcome email in which we ask you to let us know after two weeks how your new four-legged friend is doing and if there are any questions. We also ask how you experienced the collaboration with TWAS Animal Rescue. After that, we ask you to e-mail the updates of your dog/cat at least twice a year to We would like it if the adoptees could join the Facebook group De gouden mandjes van TWAS. Here you can share your experiences and images with other TWAS adoptees. This is of course not mandatory. Always indicate whether your update and photos may be placed on the page. Please mention if your pictures cannot be shared.

Adoption costs

V.Z.W. TWAS Animal Rescue is committed to help underprivileged (foreign) dogs/cats, but does not aim to become richer from it. However, we must be able to work cost-effectively, so that we can continue to help and care for the dogs/cats now and in the future. That is why we apply the following rates for adoption, applicable since 01-01-2024:

ALL cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated by age and duration of care, chipped and registered before they can be adopted. They are also dewormed and deflead. Cats from 6 months are all tested for FIV and FelV. To help cover these costs, among other things, we ask for a contribution from:

Rate cats
Kittens €200,00
Young adult €180,00 (from 1 year)
Adult €150,00 (from 7 years)
Senior €100,00 (from 10 years)
including information package

Rate dogs
Dogs €400,00
€350,00 vanaf (4 years)
Senior dog €170,00 (from 8 years old)
Including information pack, collar or harness and leash.

For chronically ill animals, AIDS-cats, and barn cats, a separate rate applies.

We differentiate between younger and older dogs/cats so that, for example, older animals get an extra chance. The adoption contribution represents participation in our costs incurred for transport, chip + registration, European passport, blood test, vaccination / deworming, care during shelter. We need this donation urgently to cover other unforeseen (medical) costs and to continue helping dogs (in Belgium and sometimes the Netherlands) and cats.