TWAS Animal Rescue

Animal Shelter, Blaasveld

To be able to help animals, good cooperation between volunteers and sponsors is very important. Everyone contributes in his or her own way. We recognize and appreciate every volunteer. This way we can help animals. With these values in mind, the name TWAS was created:

Together We Are Strong!

TWAS animal rescue

TWAS Animal Rescue

TWAS Animal Rescue (TWAS) was founded as a non-profit organization on December 20, 2018, but we soon decided to continue as an animal shelter. A shelter that does not place animals in cages, but only works with foster families so that a dog or cat is taken care of and cared for in a homely environment and therefore receives the right guidance.

On April 8, 2019 we received our certificate so we are a recognized animal shelter. (We do not receive subsidies)

Would you like to contribute as a volunteer and be part of our warm and cozy team? Register @ TWAS via the online form.

Do you live in Belgium? Register as a foster family for dogs or cats.

If you live in the Netherlands, becoming a foster family is unfortunately not an option. However, there are many other tasks such as responsible contact person or house visitor, where help is very welcome!

Hope to see you soon!

Meet our volunteers!

Our team consists of a number of motivated volunteers, they all have their own task within the organization. If you would like to become a volunteer at our shelter, feel free to ask which positions are still open.


Dania Ruiz Benitez

President & administrator


Responsible Person of contact

Dries Van den Heuvel





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